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Welcome to the Fomo Lab Gitbook, you should find everything you need to know about the Fomo Lab DeFi Ecosystem!
Fomo Lab are spearheading the Web3.0 revolution by bringing to market an all-inclusive DeFi product ecosystem which will be transforming the Web3 space by bringing together digital creators, decentralised systems and Web3 enthusiasts - ensuring NFTs are brought to the masses and that Fomo Lab's ideas are changing culture.
Fomo Lab are always ahead of the curve when it comes to Web3 applications and the purposeful utility embedded within NFTs as seen by the previous historical NFT collaboration with Pvlace of 808 Mafia, Tyson Fury, Mark Cavendish and our recent partnership with Banijay to bring the genesis Mr Bean NFT collection to the masses; Fomo Lab are on the path to victory to bring "NFTs to the masses".
Fomo Lab are also bringing to market a fully inclusive Web3.0 ecosystem that is built to master the cycles of the market to ensure the onboarding of non-crypto native individuals is seamless and for crypto enthusiasts; bringing universally demanded products which are powered by 1 singular circular token.
The Fomo product ecosystem includes:
  • FomoSTAKE dApp
  • Fomo LAUNCH Pad
  • Fomo Claim Dashboard
  • The Avenue Marketplace
  • FomoDAO
  • NFT Creation Hub
  • FomoVERSE
And many more products to be launched, the ecosystem is built on three main pillars: multi-purpose, security and inclusion, ensuring the needs of the Fomo Lab community and beyond are acknowledged.
Fomo Lab Partners
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