Fomo Lab

Claim Dashboard

Seed, Private & users eligible for the token swap from BSC to $FOMO on the ETH network can claim tokens on Dashboard.fomolab.app or access by clicking on the link on FomoLab.io website
A Claim Dashboard will be available for users to claim tokens if they are eligible to do so. Seed & Private round investors will have their specified wallet whitelisted to connect and claim the relevant tokens. Ensure to select the correct round. Tokens are daily vested and as per the vesting schedules.
Fomo Lab Claim Dashboard Overview
For users swapping tokens from the legacy BSC token, users can deposit and thereafter claim their $FOMO tokens (adhering to the same vesting schedule as the Public Round - 10% will available at TGE and the remaining tokens will be vested over a 6-month period via the claim dashboard).
Users who partake via a launchpad can claim tokens on the respective launchpad dApp.
The Claim Dashboard will be going live from 8am UTC on 29th September (the day after TGE).