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What is $FOMO staking?

Staking is part of the process that is used to verify transactions on the blockchain through the consensus mechanism called “proof of stake (PoS). PoS sees blocks of transactions added to the blockchain through holders of a certain stake in the staking pool’s native currency.
What is $FOMO staking?
Staking your $FOMO on the FomoSTAKE dApp is the process of submitting your $FOMO token in a locked pool to serve as a validator, and dependent on the number of months you decide on staking your $FOMO, you will be rewarded for your efforts.
Staking your $FOMO token to earn passive rewards and be a part of the circular token economy created by Fomo Lab has never been easier.
Users will be able to stake their $FOMO in 2 pools to earn % APR
  • The 90 days (3 months) pool - with an APR of 6.4%
  • The 180-day (6 months) pool - with an APR of 7.2%
FomoSTAKE dApp Interface