Fomo Lab
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Fomo Lab Ecosystem

Fomo Lab is bringing to market and operating a full suite production studio and platform capable of deploying and housing an entire decentralised infrastructure centred around a circular economy.
The Fomo Lab product ecosystem includes:
  • The Avenue NFT marketplace:
This is Fomo Lab dual-chain NFT marketplace. The Avenue understand the future is social and will be enhanced with the previous iterations of the space. The Avenue, alongside all other features seen in NFT marketplaces, will allow users to create their own social accounts and interact with their favourite NFTs via the comment and like functionality. Bringing together the best features of the Web2 social media channels as well as Web3 NFT marketplaces. The Avenue ensures NFTs are brought to the masses; this will also be done by giving control to users on the platform fully control to view, interact, buy, sell and bid upon their and other NFTs/Digital collectables.
  • FomoLAUNCH pad:
The Fomo Lab Launchpad will allow for crypto / NFT / GameFi / DeFi / Metaverse projects to proceed with their IDOs (this will be released projects native on ETH Mainnet), the purpose of the Launchpad is like others; it will allow projects to gain new eyes, raise appropriate funds and have full control over their launch strategy.
The TLDR of how users can participate with projects on the IDO is: they will need to be in one of the three available participation tiers: Golden Whale, Diamond Hands and Steady Hands.
  • FomoSTAKE dApp:
The staking dApp will enable holders of the $FOMO token to stake both $FOMO and $FOMO LP tokens to earn passive $FOMO tokens in relation to the lock-up period and APR of the staking pool in which the holder participates.
You can earn up to 32.4% APR on your stake $FOMO!
  • Fomo Claim Dashboard:
The dashboard will allow users to claim Seed & Private tokens along with holders of the BSC / FOMO token to easily claim their available $FOMO tokens.
  • FomoDAO:
Fomo Lab are currently working on the intricacies of the FomoDAO - the platform will provide $FOMO token holders and MetaKEY holders a way to express their opinion and present their ideas for Fomo Lab projects
Many more products are being worked on in the Fomo Lab ecosystem which includes the FomoVERSE, FomoGAME platform and the FomoGALLERY.
Fomo Lab Product Ecosystem