Fomo Lab

What is the Avenue Marketplace?

The Avenue wants to ensure NFTs are brought to the masses; this will also be done through giving control to users on the platform fully control to view, interact, buy, sell and bid upon their and other NFTs/Digital collectables.
The Avenue is a dual-chain NFT marketplace… with a twist.
The Avenue sees the future as social and will be an enhanced NFT platform that will be integrated with exclusive features and user experiences.
The Avenue NFT marketplace
Alongside all other features seen in NFT marketplaces, will allow users to create their own social accounts and interact with their favourite NFTs via the comment and like functionality.
Bringing together the best features of the Web2 social media channels as well as Web3 NFT marketplaces with the ability to seamlessly transition from viewing your NFTs on the Ethereum Mainnet and the Binance Smart Chain
The Avenue