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$FOMO Tokenomics

The $FOMO token which will be migrated onto the Ethereum network - creating a unifying ERC-20 token that will be used to power the Fomo Lab product ecosystem - creating a singular token economy.
The $FOMO token utility will span from (including but not limited to):
  • Within the FomoVERSE — as a means of transacting and earning rewards throughout the MetaGALLERY and the Play and Earn Battlechain game (integration to be enabled after Alpha and Beta releases)
  • Usage within The Avenue NFT marketplace as a token to purchase, sell and list digital assets.
  • As well as being the core fee token associated with listing and trading assets on the market Ecosystem rewards (P2E rewards, Loot Boxes, Airdrops)
  • A token to be used within the FomoLAUNCH Pad for access to IDOs as well as a reward token to be used in the FomoSTAKE dApp
  • Utility for other GameFi developers with the creation of the Fomo Lab ERC-20 SDK for Unreal Engine & Unity.
  • $FOMO will also be the core governance token for making proposals on Snapshot, DAOHaus and eventually our own standalone DAO platform/Dashboard.
The FOMO/ETH tokenomics structure will present the following token distribution at differing rounds (inc. seed, private, public and launch price) alongside the FOMO/ETH sales metrics at each of the rounds and stages:
$FOMO Tokenomics:
Token Name (ticker): $FOMO
Initial Circulating Supply: 1,628,603
Token Type: ERC-20
Max Supply: 100,000,000 $FOMO
Initial Circulating Market Cap: $407,150
$FOMO contract address: 0xb0cfb062dE74F0410430a37305b878B7ad65903b
$FOMO Tokenomics
$FOMO Tokenomics
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